Lipoma removal – get rid of fatty tissue lumps by treating lipomas naturally

Lipoma are so-called ‘benign lumps’ under skin. They are usually soft and doctors call them ‘non-malignant fatty tumours’ (or ‘benignant tumours’). Benignant means they fall under the harmless skin conditions, as they do not proliferate as malignant tumours would. So while you cannot die from lipoma bumps, you may find them cumbersome and a cosmetic nightmare. If they are easily visible, like a lump in the shoulder/neck area, people readily resort to (neck) lipoma surgery. This usually leaves scars and you will live through a few unpleasant weeks until all bandages and sutures are removed. So you may want to look at other alternatives to combat these fatty tumours in your body. In this review, we look at a method to get rid of lipoma naturally.

How to treat lipoma naturally

There are various lipoma treatment options:

  • lipoma laser treatment
  • lipoma removal liposuction

However, lipoma liposuction, just like the surgical removal of lipoma, will require anaesthesia and after-care and may leave scars. Lipoma laser treatment is a drawn-out process and will equally cost quite a lot. This usually matters as health insurance may not cover the removal of non-cancerous fatty tumours. Unless you suffer from severe lipoma symptoms, these fluid lumps under the skin do not cause discomfort that would require treatment in the eyes of many health insurers. So depending on the types of bumps on your body this would fall under elective lipoma surgery and the cost for lipoma removal would have to come out of your own pocket.

Lipoma causes and treatment – lipoma tumor removal

William Bradley, who himself suffered from lipoma for years, has researched the lipoma issue in depth and written a book about it: Cure Lipoma – How to Naturally Cure and Prevent Lipoma Lumps which explains the causes and the lipoma treatment options. After years of trying he found out how to cure lipoma naturally.

This book is the authority on how to remove fat lumps from the body - the Lipoma cure and prevention handbook.
The natural lipoma cure

Non-surgical removal of lipoma, long thought impossible, has long been known in the Ayurveda tradition of ancient India. Bradley studied ayurvedic medicine for lipoma until he found a cure for those fatty lumps on the body. If you follow the diet he describes in detail in his lipoma cure book, you will literally dissolve lipomas. Since lipoma can run in families, you can also teach lipoma prevention to your loved ones. No lipoma surgery cost and no surgical scars from extirpating the fatty lipoma lumps! And while surgical multiple lipoma treatment would mean several sessions ‘under the knife’ (and the typical lipoma scars afterwards), this natural lipoma therapy simply melts all these fatty bumps in one go. This book ‘Cure Lipoma – How to Naturally Cure and Prevent Lipoma Lumps‘is likely the only known natural treatment for lipomas in humans.

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